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Digital Signage app Help Required!

Dear All,

This is my first post in this forum, i heard about this portal from google. Coming to point now.

I am working on Digital Signage project, In simple words, i have web admin panel from where i add Images and those images i run on Android based smart TV as an advertisement which is straight forward and i have achieved that.

Now, i have been asked to Make 2 Predefined templates one in (Landscape & Portrait) Modes and client will use that template in Smart TV as an advertisement.

now Template will have: Header (A Marquee text) , Body (Image) and footer ( With Ticker)
I have made that in website from where user will enter data for app in his own graphics interface, now my question is that what approach i use to send that template to smart tv so that it start working as it is?

  • Do i need to design landscape and portrait layouts exactly like web in android app as well? or any other efficient approach can be used?
  • I believe android TV does not have portrait and landscape sensors how template will automatically work if any one change the orientation of the tv?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there, Sent information is not enough to understand the exact requirement send us some ex. or you can connect with us for detail discussion.

Actually, i want to enter data in template from admin panel, and template will look like:

-Header part (with marquee text moving)
-Body part (With image displaying or rotating)
-Footer part (With Ticket moving)

So my client will be entering, defining source header,body and footer source from web and i want to display that ad in phone as it is displaying in website, now you go my point?

So what i am saying , what is the best approach i use to have this functional? do i need to make same template in android layouts? or there is any other way.
Also, how can handle orientation of the ad because smart Tv’s dont have sensors what i believe.

Thank you!

for digital signage why use native? why not use responsive webapp that detect the width of the display (via javascript) and adjust the template accordingly.

for your problems i would like to suggest some alternative approach:

  1. get the user input initial config (resolution / orientation) before using the app and after with invisible button (or triggered with keyboard shortcuts) to change config.
  2. autodetect orientation by detecting width / height proportions, this is doable in html5

as for the data, you can ask them to input 2 types of pictures (landscape and portrait)