Different Ad Network for same app

Hi there,

I’m very new in the mobile app field…
Just want to ask that is it possible to put 2 different ad network code into the app?
Will you guys suggest to do it that way or it’s better to start with 1 ad network first?

Really hope to hear from your experience!
Thanks a lot!

Most of my apps and games have 2 or more ad networks running in them.
You can either set up mediation with Admob or MoPub (or others) or just do it manually.
So for example:
App launches and displays Admob interstitial, shows banner ad throughout app using mediation (split between Admob and inMobi), shows StartApp interstitial during use and mobileCore interstitial when user exits the app.

Different ad networks do better in different apps for many reasons.
Try out different networks to see what works in each of your apps and don’t rely on one network for your revenue streams.

If you haven’t actually implemented multiple systems in your apps use mediation if possible and save yourself a huge amount of headache. It will streamline your switching ad systems to see what ones work best and give you a bit better stats for systems that don’t track well. This was something i didn’t know when i was pumping out apps. In hindsight i would have done things a lot different and saved myself a lot of issues and time.

Thanks A1ka1inE and hubris!
I was still a bit blur now about the ad mediation part as I’ve just publish 1 of my app and test run it to see how it goes.
I’m not too sure about the process and the flow yet, so I dare not put too many ad networks to avoid overwhelming :rolleyes:

It is still possible for me to add in more ad networks in the future right?
By the way, all the ads will be monetize on per clicks or per install?
I try to find it in Admob but I didn’t see any settings which we can choose to monetize on clicks or installs :confused:

Yeah it all takes time. Its about finding the balance between user experience and a stable revenue stream.

Its easy to add in new networks as you go, nothing stopping you there.
Some networks run click campaigns, but most run install campaigns. Some do both.

Admob doesn’t let you choose that kind of option off the bat.
They get in touch if you have serious traffic going through them and you might be able to arrange that kind of thing then.

does mediation boost your revenue? I have pretty low admob rates (0.3), i wonder if having mediation could boost the placement bid.

Could anyone recommend another network that have higher cpm?

Well actually I have the same admob rate as you (0.3), would like to explore into AppFlood, do you guys have any experience in that?