Did you get wire from Startapp?

Hi. I didn’t get payment from Startapp which should be sent on 28.02.2014. Did you get it?

how much money?

They pay with net+30

a lot.

did anyone have such problem? They sent me the confirmation that they sent money on 3.03. But till now I don’t have money on the account. 8 days it’s too long for the wire…

I recieved payment for Feb several days ago!
You should contact them now!

I got it at 1 March

let email to startapp supporter

Thank you guys! I got the email :“A recent payment failed for the following reason: Intermediary bank details invalid or insufficient.” … I talked to the support and they told me (after 20 tickets open) that they don’t know why I didn’t get my money. I didn’t enter any intermediary bank. They told me that they will send me money with next payment cycle… So I have now NET60 :confused:

most probably another bug from tipalti,
hope they fixed this soon, waiting for another month to got payment is not great.

Did you enter now intermediary bank data? Is that really required?