Did Someone hear about CashApp?

Cash app more than 2 years on google play
but now they offer new thing
free promoting for 12 hours:

Did not hear about CashApp, but I know lot of similar services. What will bring to you this free 12h? These users download your apps only for earning money, they will not make your retention bigger.

I got very good Reviews + Downloads
I recommend Cash App
This is the App on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.money.cashapp)
And this is the link for free promoting for 12 hours:

I must say that the service of “Cash App” is the best

Thanks for the link.

please pay attention that websites that provide downloads and reviews to your app and write:
“this risk that 20% to 80% rates and reviews might get deleted.”
“app doesn’t require any special system permissions (like root)”
are lie!!
they will use robots and emulator
you must use only real users
like CashApp
CashApp really good

I also use CashApp service
they tell the users to keep using the apps for at least two days
so the RR (retention Rate) is very good
they publish new prices now
about 400 downloads and 25 reviews for just 70$

cashapp have the best service and have good prices
cashapp have the best promotion app
you can follow the following link


CashApp is similar to CashPirate - waste of time - no offers no payout - click on offer - “it’s expired” or redirecting you to some scam page. Didn’t get anything in cash from it. Don’t know how can they provide installs services as their app is not working.

Be aware, scammers