Did Google Play Ranking Algorithm Change around 8/31 ?

Hey guys, I’m noticing a wierd pattern with many of my clients’ apps. It looks like around 8/31, many of the apps started declining in traffic yet many of the apps started increasing in traffic. A few of them are flat, but most show either a sharp rise or sharp fall around 8/31. I know for sure that this isn’t related to ad network usage, because the apps in question are using a huge range of ad networks and many are using no ad networks and just in-app billing.

To me, this indicates a possible Google Play ranking algorithm change around that date. Is anyone else experiencing this issue ?? Has anyone heard of a Google play ranking change ?? Feedback much appreciated !!!

I wouldn’t be surprised. Some guy I can’t remember at Google said they are constantly changing the algorithm.

Are you talking about number of new downloads or usage of already installed apps? The latter should not be affected by any Google Play changes.

decline in new downloads which has lead to less usage.

So it was probably change in the algo. Didn’t see any dramatic difference myself.

I wish they update their algorithm one day to take quality of the apps into account. I know reviews can be gamed but it’s a pity seeing so many crappy apps with much worse reviews than mine much higher up the charts. Right now it seems that all the matters is number of downloads. Which depends on the position in the charts. Which depend on the number of downloads. …

Is it a bug or they change a number of games in category “top new free games”? Before my list has 500 games and now when listing categories I see between 160 - 180 apps (depends from category).

EDIT: They fix it, obvious it was a bug…