Did anyone try appbrain ad network?

Hello friends,
I hope you are doing well with android monetizing.
Did you try appbrain ads? If yes, what’s your experience with it?
Can you please suggest an ad network?
Without any referral links please, I’ll not follow any links to make sure that the post is honest not just to get more money.

Thank you very much

I use, as reserve net for admob. Because espm for banners and fooscreen a low. Payment monthly from $100

Thank you @Albert927 for your reply.
What’s the ecpm rate? Do you use it with admob mediation?

Banner eCPM 0.02-0.04, Interstitial eCPM 0.10-0.15

No. I activated Appbrain in onAdFailedToLoad (AdListener for Admob)