did anyone convert android app with admob or startapp to Blackberry ?

I have blackberry developer account , but i couldn’t found any ads networks provider for blackberry .

I plan to convert my android app to blackberry market , did anyone ever convert and what ads networks suitable ?

Thank a lot

Good question…

if you will not be able to sell your apps, there are no ways on making money on it…

Try millennialmedia!

I converted my Android app a year or two ago (so it starts with Android Player) and it was not showing admob ads. I received the Playbook for free so I ignored that problem - especially since I hated the experience with Blackberry and forgot even how to update that app. Recently I’ve noticed the app now shows ads, so maybe I’m making some money out of it after all. I forgot to change admob id for it though, so I can’t calculate how many impressions it gives me (if any) or what the eCPM for it is.

Blackberry users are probably eager to pay for apps though, so paid app could be an idea.

And this, my friends, is why BlackBerry just laid off another 250 employee and is dying… it’s sad… really sad.

what, you can’t charge for apps? that’s ridiculous. i was going to convert some of my apps as i hear it’s very easy but i couldn’t be arsed if the demand isn’t there.

You could sell that converted apps for 0.5$… not expensive, so people would buy it… or maybe even cheaper) I dont know what is the minimum for Blackberry Market.

On Blackberry prices are high.

I found apps between $ .99 and $nn.99. These are damn high prices. I am thinking of converting some of my apps. How much is a dev license? If you have one, please try, what’s the lowest possible price to set.
No one would ever spend a whole dollar (yay, it’s sooo much xD) on one of my app as it propably runs terrible on them. But .40 would be ok :smiley: