Developer Console setup advice needed

Hello guys,

I am starting my first app and i need to create Developer Donsole first and buy Google license. I am concerned if i shall create it on my main/personal Google account or on a separate one.

Im can’t decide where to setup Developer Console on Google Play - shall i use my main account on which i have Analytics, WT, AdWords, AdSense (which is also my personal account) or its better to have Developer Console on a separate Google account, because im concerned about my privacy - i mean i do not want my name, email, telephone number and physical address (which is connected to my main/personal Google account) to leak into the public (as long as these details are my private details)

If your advice would be to have on a separate Google account, then is it more difficult/unconvenient to link and use things like Google’s services from the other Google account like Webmaster Tools, Google analytics, AdWords, etc.?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! :slight_smile: