Developer account suspended without reasons

My Gplay account was suspended today, and I really doubt about this because I have only one app in that account, and this app was never suspended before! I checked my email to see whether I have an email from Google alerting about the app suspension, but No email from them at all.

Importantly, there is also no email to tell me whether my gp account was suspended or not! I really want to f*ck Google now!

I think at least they should send me the email to tell me something! :mad:
Can anyone explain me about this?

that happen for me too , google play is shit.

Did you send them an appeal?

no …

Send an appeal, if your app was really by the rules you have a good chance to get the account back

Can we see your app?

They linked your previous suspended accounts and banned you again

Stop buying accounts especially ones with virtual credit cards.

Google love to ban without reason. Stop using google play, start using amazon app store. That is my way.

Nope, at least they should send me an email!

I created this account by myself!

Check spam folder of your mail in case of any…

Is this your first and only account?