"Design your app for tablets" - Does it help?

Hi guys,

I get this alert in Google Play dev console when my android manifest has not specified tablet support and I have not added 7" and 10" screenshots. Is this only useful if you want your app featured in the tablets section or is there any other benefit?


I haven´t noticed any benefit from “designing the app for tablets”… but on the other hand, it is extra easy to add 7" and 10" and get the designation, just resize one of “regular” screenshots. So you don´t have much to lose…

If you want your app featured in the tablet section, i think you need to design your UI specifically for tablets, not just using the same as for the phones. So this would require some extra work

I didn’t see any benefits too

Well, I would say you should design app for tablets I agree that most of the people aren’t using the Android tablets but still, I don’t find things that much tough to add over the 7- 10 inch tablets.