Design for family not showing ads.

Hello, I have a small app where I used design for family and ADMob.
The problem is that it does not show any ADS and no test ADS(banner ads).
I try and try I change and restart my code and nothing works.
Finally I changed the APK name and it started to work, finally test ads started to show.
It seems that after I opt in design for family’s admob blocks my ads. It does not make any sence.

Is this option working in ADMob? Is anybody making money whit admob and design for familys?

Please help, most of my apps are for kids and the main option for me is admob.
Google is forcing some of my apps to opt in but no ads are showing.

It may be an issue with admob not filling with kid content.
I would recommend that you take a look at the different networks that Enhance supports. There are some that are deal exclusively in kid friendly content.

Thank you for your reply, do you have any suggestions for networks?

One network that jumps out to me which is supported in Enhance is called Kidoz.

Thanks a lot, I will take a look at it, google is forcing me to accept design for families, i need an alternative.