Simple client for site Application allows navigate through categories (best, newest, etc). Also demotivator’s url can be send to or copied to clipboard

In next versions will implemented adding to favourites
Link on google play:

how come you didnt shy to sell this sh**t. Is anybody ever going to buy it? In all other words, “ХУЙНЯ”.

Unfounded insults. If you think my app is not good - tell why

It just doesnt worth money. You simply fetch data from the web site, probably that web site is not even yours. What did you do here that you ask almost 1$ for this? Have no idea. There are tons of apps demotivers which are free, so I confused, that how come you are going to sell it? Of course your rights, your decision and etc. That was just my opinion, take it on count as a feedback.

Understand, but this app built exactly for peoples who want see demotivators from on mobile in convenient form, not from other sites