Defender Force - ready for publication - but...

I’ve created a game called Defender Force and put a (sorry, poor quality) taster vid [b][u]here[/u][/b] - edit: better one -->> [b][u]here[/u][/b].

The only thing holding me back from publication is deciding what to do about promotion… all suggestions welcome and all comments about the game welcome too - its not too late to make changes.

I would…

Do a lot of ASO to determine the best keywords for your game so you write a perfect description.
Write on every single forum and contact all the review site.
Make as much noise as you can in social media.

If you think you have a very very good game, think about paid advertisement

This is my trick that works. I am letting it out for the first time. Do this, Go like Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rihanna and Manchester United facebook pages. Comment on all the posts with the download link and have atleast 10 of your friends like the comment so it can go up the list of comments. Thats it! Start with JB’s page. Lost of idle teenagers who are always waiting for anything posted on that wall…hehehe

Didn’t it result in something like revenge in form of low ratings from fans? xd

Brilliant. :slight_smile: How many downloads did you get that way?

@ufoq - No if the app is great and can relate to them. They will judge you on the app’s quality. The only issue is if you spam then facebook guys will probably warn you. The trick here is to take advantage of facebook’s latest feature of comments with highest number of likes shown on top. @Magnesus i don’t the exact figure since i cannot know how many people are referred from that link but definitely after that i see a lot of g+1 meaning a lot of people click the link and probably not all install as maybe some are iphone users and somehow they just +1 it and leave. But the potential is huge as some of these pages have over 50M likes. So i guess it won’t hurt to try.

How on earth do you do ASO? There don’t appear to be any tools to guide you.

I had an app that was steadily getting 1000 downloads a day from searching. The description was stuffed with important keywords. Then about a month ago I added a couple more keywords in the description and the next day the downloads fell to 200. A few days later I undid the extra keywords, but the downloads have never recovered. I guess I crossed some threshold and am now in google’s bad books :frowning:

Actually you can track all your installs from the link that you will give to them. Here is a link to GA:

I do use it and it works perfect. You just generate a special URLs, as many as you want (with google tools) and then simply give it to different sources( facebook, twitter and etc), so after you can see installs from GA dashboard. The only thing here is to add in your app the GA library and receiver, so it can track it. In the above link you can find all information.

What was your ranking for those keywords before and after the change?

What i did for determine the description and name of my second app (which i will launch in about 3 weeks, so no results yet) was to make a list of all the keywords that are related to my game. Then i used google keywords tool to see how many search requests got every of those words. Finally i assessed how strong is the competition for these words on Google Play and bam! lots of search requests, low competition, and i got my keywords. Lets see how that goes…

My main keyword ranking dropped from 3rd to 32nd :mad:

P.S. Much better vid created -->> [b][u]here[/u][/b].