Deceptive Ads policy

Yesterday one of my App was rejected because of Deceptive Ads policy. After appealing (denied), Google replied with the specific problem: “your app contains: Ads are disguised as presents”
My App has a GiftBox icon which open another Activity which consists of scroll-able NativeAds. Also the GiftBox icon has a small Tag with the word “Ad” on it. In my opinion the tag “Ad” should have been enough to not violate the policy… but looks like the reviewers in my case don’t understand their own rules or they really decided to make them more strict when using a Gift icon.

So in the end I was wondering now… which other icon could be used then to not violate the Ads policy? (to show a new page of advertisements/sponsored Apps)

This seems to be a new policy. From my past experience, some ads from startapp and mobileCore also stating it was a gift in their ads, not sure about now. But mobileCore sticker ads are always showing gift icon.

Maybe using “more apps” button for your case, or download icon. I am not sure.

I think the problem with the ads may be…may i know which company native ads are you using …

FAN (but it’s not a problem about the Ads themselves)