December payments from Admob

Did dec. payments get processed for anybody ? Did anyone receive processing email from them?

Not yet, still waiting for it.

why do I see these emails practically every month in the ad networks forum? it’s admob, owned by Google, i don’t think they’ll run out of cash to pay you!

But its only fair to worry abt WTH went wrong that payments hasn’t been transferred till 4th Jan, for some it might be an extra income BUT for others it might be the date they can think abt their bills.

BTW, I got the processing email just now :slight_smile:

Received mine today morning…:slight_smile:

I still haven’t received any email about processing of payment. :confused:

I still haven’t received any email about processing of payment

I No processing For December payments from Admob :confused:

Unfortunately, with larger companies come larger security and taxation risks. Being a monetization platform myself, there are cash flow problems constantly but we try to pay out as soon as humanly possible.

I received mine a week ago.

Got mine today.

just got the email few hours back. old admob