Dec vs January ECPM drop (with numbers)

So you guys don’t get your panties in a knot. This is what you should expect… eCPM drops significantly!

It happened last year. It happened the year before that. It will happen next year. Just don’t expect to suddenly be able to buy installs cheaper… that is not how it works (and I never figured out why!).

PS: YES, I did cherry pick a day from December with my highest eCPM… but it is still representative.
PPS: Those are for banners.

and google has been saying that January is the most app/game download month every year because devices bought in december get app/game downloads in January. But the equation seems to be set off by the dollors spent by advertisers. so many parameters to consider lol!

Yep, I also noticed drop in the revenue, currently in my case it is ~30% vs dec.

Btw. how did you get so high eCPM for banners? In my case your lower eCPM is still much better than mine :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


That seems to be true. In my case I noticed ~20% more ad requests and downloads starting from the end of December. The thing is that companies don’t spend too much for the ads at the beginning of the year (as mind already mentioned). So more ad requests/downloads doesn’t mean that you will earn more. Should be better in the next weeks.

They look like banners and feel like banners, but they don’t allow crashes or shitty Flash to attempt to play/etc … and they pay 3x more.

My own code … and it is not public atm.

Drop in CPM and Fill rate is normal and will typically last the first few weeks of Q1. To mitigate this drop I’d encourage you guys to try Aerserv mediation. With our platform you’re able to auto optimize your ad sources according to CPM and fill rate. This means no more wasted impressions and unfilled inventory. Easily prioritize your ad network waterfall according to eCPM and ensure you’re maximizing yield across all your apps.

  • 40+ supported ad networks: Admob, Mopub, Millennial Media, Vungle, Adcolony, Unity Ads and many more.
  • Most networks supported via S2S.
  • Diverse ad formats: Video, interstitial, banner, MRAID and VPAID
  • Real time reporting and granular analytics

I would also suggest leaving your higher filling partners such as Admob at the bottom of your waterfall to serve as a catch all, while your higher paying ad networks at the top so ensuring you’re getting an overall higher eCPM.

Feel free to ping or email me directly if you have any questions, happy to give you a demo as well

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In my case:

  • FAN ecpm remained stable but fill rate decreased quite a lot.
  • Avocarrot was the best as nothing dropped (stable ecpm/impressions/fillrate)
  • MobileCore/StartApp/Admob/MoPub ecpm dropped

December is a little bit slow but it will be good in january

Is that just Native Ads shaped in Banner form? I was planning to do something like that using MoPub, but overall I have quite similar ecpm for Banners and Native at the moment… so maybe it’s not worth the effort for me.

ok, now I can say FAN ecpm dropped quite a lot too^^ T_T
Only Avocarrot remained 100% stable.

Hi all. I’ve already integrated FAN (all banner) in my app but I see that the nunber of impression very lower than number off fillrate (not number of request). Anyone know what happen ? Thank u

I am still getting around $3-$9 ecpm from FAN(interstitial)

FAN is the highest drop in my case, in December I had stable 12$-15$ eCPM (USA) , January rarely overpass 4$…

The Drop Irrespective of Adnetworks, also depend on Countries where your users are.

US for example will experience significant drop since CPM’s are Higher for holiday season and now they are back to normal (lower than normal considering budgets are not set yet for most vendors).
Countries Like india will have less drop (or no drop) because CPM’s don’t change much in December anyway for them.

in my case:
CPC in DEC ~0.1$ now drop to 0.05$

Its normal, most of the companies spent a lot of money during Holidays ( Christmas and so on) and likely to spend less this month. They are also discusing their company spending plans , so everything is good, it will increase in couple of weeks. Do not worry.