Debtlog - Never forget your debts again!

This is my first post here after being a part time lurker so I would like to say a quick hello, I hope I’ll be part of this community for the long term and contribute wherever I can :slight_smile:

Anyhow, this is my app, it’s my first to be published


Debtlog is an IOU(I Owe You) debt manager that focuses on simplicity and accessibility. Debtlog is a debt manager designed for those who wants to keep track of their IOU debts without having to delve into the complicated side of debt transactions.

-a simple clean interface (material design)
-user friendly
-automatic date formatting detection(USA/rest of the world)
-automatic currency symbol detection based on country*
-debt due date reminder notifier
-supports partial payments
-send IOUs, reminders and invoices
-simple financial statistics display
-direct call and messaging(normal charges will apply)
-WhatsApp compatibility(messaging only)
-lightweight apk

Screenshot_2016-02-15-16-03-30.jpg Screenshot_2016-02-15-16-03-38.jpg Screenshot_2016-02-15-16-01-26.jpg Screenshot_2016-02-15-16-04-05.jpg