DAMP VK Player

Very convenient and relatively simple player that supports audio in addition to video playback and online radio broadcasts from around the world (over 40,000 stations). Also you have the opportunity to listen to absolutely free of charge, to view and download to your phone any audio and video.

A brief summary:
-First and foremost - an intuitive interface (no make millions incomprehensible buttons, simple, easily understandable and accessible);
-Good equalizer with plenty of sit down;
Sleep timer;
-The ability to edit audio and video files (tags);
-Big list of radio stations (which is constantly updated);
-The opportunity to share with friends sots.setyah music you’re listening to a photo;
-The ability to transfer files (Bluetooth, e-mail, etc.);
-Sort music files by artist, album, folder, playlist;
Regulation playback volume by touching the cover of the song;
-Ability to quickly transition between playlists on the main screen;
-2 Standard desktop widget for 4x1 and 4x4;
-The ability to install applications on the SD card (standard widget does not work);
-Fast control the current playlist on the main screen;
-The opportunity to choose clearance player (look in settings skins);
-Download album covers from the Internet;
-The ability to change the number of displayed tabs (playlists, all songs, albums, artists, folders, radio, video)
Installation on-track ringtone;
full control and load your media from VKontakte
And much more …
Player updated and refined almost every day.
If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the player or its modification (eg, add a particular radio station, which is not or what or function) - write to mail Dgadan.25 @ gmail.com.
I will be grateful for the assistance and improving player.

The player can be downloaded from this link. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.player.music.ddv
Our group in VKontakte. https://vk.com/damp_player