Daily installs and uninstalls by device

For my app daily installs by device is around 1000 but daily uninstalls by device is the higher around 1100, for that current installs by device dropping every day.

How to prevent dropping current installs by device and what is your stats for daily installs and uninstalls?

Are you bombarding people with ads? That can be a reason. Some people get annoyed by that, which could lead to an uninstall. How is the user’s experience? Average time in the app? etc.? How about your graphics? Is the app buggy? Freezing the user’s phone, or does the app constantly crash? Does your app intrude on the user in any way? All of these things can lead to uninstalls.

What are users saying on your reviews? Public reviews are a great place to see what user’s think about their experience with your app. Are you paying for installs?

Drop a link to your app so we can see whats happening there.

If you had many installs before (for example 2 - 3K per day) it may mean that users already stopped using your app and are uninstalling it. It’s downside of increased downloads - after such period of higher downloads, when downloads return to usual numbers, sooner or later there will be period of increased uninstalls - even higher than installs.

It’s not always possible to prevent it - no one will keep app forever on their phone. Also, it depends on your app - if it’s a game, maybe you need more levels, etc.

There is no bombarding with ads (only banner ad), ctr is low 0.3, 90% of all reviews is 3 or more stars, the total score for reviews is 4.3.
Reviews are positive and there is no errors and crashes and I’m not paying for installs.

This is probably a problem with unistalls: “Apps installed outside Play Store are not being counted as Installs in Play Store but uninstalling the same app is resulting in an increase in uninstalls.”
More info: https://medium.com/@deepakabbot/googles-hidden-message-to-android-app-publishers-5e7658698af

Does anyone else have a greater daily uninstalls than installs?

ok then the size of the app …