daily 4k install earning is 5$

i have an app .its about mp3 download … İ’m using startapp single banner…

daily 4k install. %40 suudi arabia %30 Turkey %10 usa … etc

and my earnings is 5$ . is this normal ?

and what is your best ad network for mp3 download app

An application to download MP3 or any other content that is not yours, it is not illegal?

my app taking all songs from soundcloud.com , i’m not hosting any file… i think legal. because i see appp on google play 5-10m install…

which ad network do you use? whats the ecpm? and banners or inters?

hi protonsavy

i’musing startapp banners… ecpm is 0.14-15-16

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With 4K installs daily you should get around 200$ daily from new installs only.
Plus you would get $0.05 for each “old” user which would update your app to the version with our SDK and see at least one ad.

We have:
-decent rate of 0.05 USD for active installs (active install=min. one add displayed)
-100% compliance with new Google policy

All you need to do is to integrate SDK and use promo code leviteo.

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hi. i think you don’T understand me :slight_smile: i , mean 4k install a day : 4k new user install my app a day from google play… i dom’T think so i can send you daily 50-100 install …

i want to work with ecpm… leviteo have good ecpm ?

you should use inters then , much higher revenue , perhaps if you get more users from usa , you’ll have a higher revenue… in theory :slight_smile:

Depends on your users and ads we currently have. Sign in for a month to test if you would be satisfied with our eCPM.

I totally understand you and we can offer you $0.05 for each of you users wich would receive/display at least one ad from our SDK.

Remember about promo code leviteo

Startapp i making 5 usd but you say you can make 200 usd :slight_smile: this is interesting…

So you saying that we can get $50 eCPM?? Thats what you get if you calculate $0.05 x 1000 installs where each user only have to see one ad. Am i doing it right?

Yes, we canname it as fixed rate of $50 eCPM, but you must remember that you can get $0.05 from each user only once.
You must also remember that this offer works only with promo code leviteo

once per day or once per life-time ? :slight_smile: for example do you pay again $0.05 for the same active user that used our app yesterday and is using it again the day after?


Once per life-time :slight_smile: I think it’s already very good (or even the best?) offer on the market :slight_smile: Give it a try and you would see what I mean :slight_smile:

Hello gqn,

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We actually looking for Turkey installs,
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Hi Leviteo, what about 1k/1.5k install from a new game, is there any chance to get “good” revenue.

of course, you should get $50 from new users daily.
PS: Remember about promo code leviteo


I think that the content of the banner ads matters. Does mp3 download app users want to see “Candy crush” ads?

I would pick an ad network such as Appflood were you can filter the content of your banners.

(also for some people here: startapp ppd income is terrible with users not from USA)