Custom Ads server: how to?

Hello folks!
I need to show Ads in Android app, but these Ads should be supplied by my own server.
I’ve heard about AdMob (and some other) ad-networks, but it uses ‘their’ servers to store ads. Is it possible to use mine server?

Sure, you can use your own server for ads.
But you will not be able to (legally) show ads from admob (or any other network) with your own server.

There are open source ad servers you can start with. Here is a discussion on the same started by David before:

Thank you, guys!

In this case, will I be able to upload ads on AdMob server, but make Android app show only mine ads?
Just looking for a simple and convenient way to show my ads, without any monetization.

You can use Admob to show your own ads (called “House Ads”) in:

  • Admob banner ads
  • Admob full screen interstitial ads

The Admob full screen ads is open for showing your own ads - but for paid ads is by invitation only.

For Admob banner ads - you can add a “Admob House Ads” app to Sites/App - and then mediate it as “Admob House Ads”.

I have tried the Admob banner ads - to show both my own House Ads and the paid ads (usual) - and it works well.

You can provide your own graphic - or can point to your own (other for example) app - and can provide a custom icon for it also.

There are other alternatives - I think with PlayHaven you can setup your own announce screens, and so can show your own “creatives” at whichever point of time in your app - and can change the creative.

But for simple banner ads advertising your other apps etc. - Admob banner ad is pretty ok.

I have used it and it gives a conversion rate close to that of AppBrain banner ads i.e. 2.15% etc. - though of course that will depend on how attractive your “creative” is (i.e. ad image, it’s wording etc.).