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Refilling The Gas Tank
CSR Racing does something we don’t often see in these types of games: it forces you to refill a car’s gas tank. Unfortunately, you’ll need to spend a modest amount of gold (difficult to come by) or wait it out, as this feature is time based.
To speed things along, exit to the iPhone or iPad main screen, go into Settings and move the device’s internal clock ahead (an hour will do the trick). Doing this tops off the gas tank. You can even switch the clock back to the correct time and the game won’t notice.
Replay Ladder Races
The great thing about Ladder Races is the simple fact that, win or lose, you earn cash. Granted, losing results in a modest amount of dough, but you’re free to compete against the same opponent.
Take Advantage Of Daily Races
Win these special events to earn bigger cash prizes, though you’ll also score some virtual currency for losing. Just not as much.
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