Cross platform development

I shared my thoughts here:
Cross platform application and game development | Java Experience

After people mentioning about google banning their accounts, how many of you guys are doing or planning to do cross platform development. Which tools do you use and most importantly, do you think cross platform development is the way to go (given facebook regretted after going HTML5 way).

Depends on what you are developing. In general though, I think that it is a good way to go. If the library supports multiple platforms, then you have an opportunity to expose your app to that many more users, without writing extra code. I am currently learning libgdx, but I haven’t had experience with platforms other than android. It should be mentioned that libgdx’s iOS extension is not free.

  1. For people looking to learn libgdx, read the book: Learning Libgdx Game Development from packetpub. Its available on kindle also.
    Java Game Development (LibGDX) - YouTube

  2. Quote from: Badlogic Games » Blog Archive » First Libgdx Games approved on iOS App Store

publishing on iOS means you’ll need a Mac (~500$ for a Mac Mini), an Apple Developer license (99$/year), and a MonoTouch license (79$ if you are a student, 399$ otherwise). MonoTouch is the only thing we add on top of the things you have to pay for anyways

Expensive! Some discrepancy between that post and their features page: libgdx

iOS (requires a Xamarin.iOS license, 30-day free evaluation, 79$ for students, 299$ for “Indies”)

yes actually Monotouch is now xamarin

For unity3D there are way more plugins,tutorials,forums and support. Poor open source tools/libraries are always this way. Now I have seen Dojo, jClouds, CXF, … Virtually 0 support for these.

+1 for libgdx. I find it one of the easiest java libraries around. :slight_smile:
We will be using it for our game.

LibGDX no longer uses Xamarin - instead they use faster, better and completely free RoboVM now.

I see RoboVM available in Eclipse marketplace.