Crack Me! – logical puzzle

The logical game is based on an extraordinary idea that connects the solution of the problems with the way you use your smartphone every day.

The goal of the game – to click “Finish.” However, for this you have to use your imagination.

The game is a combination of different types of puzzles: hardware capabilities of the device, rebus the answer to which is not some word, but some action you have to realize, levels where you need to act beyond the game itself.

You will not just exercise your mind, but also learn some new features and scenarios of using the device - voice control, working with the hardware settings, the search engines, texts, translators, file managers.

Google Play link:

Congrats with such cool game) in my opinion will be very useful if you will add rewarded video, for example if I don’t know an answer, I could watch video and then go to next level. I have sent 5 stars :wink: