CPU benchmark

Hello guys,

Do you think that an independent app that tests the CPU performance of an android device will have a success?
When I say independent I mean that the app will not have comparison charts between your device and other devices on the market and that you will just get a performance result about your device.

What do you think ?
Thank you

Why not include results of other devices? This is something people would be interested in. Only reason I can think not to, is to cut the cost of any server it might require. If you could get your hands on a large percent of modern devices you could include the stats in the app itself and do without a server. Would take some time testing, but even if you can’t get all the devices, there are sites that rent devices you connect to through your computer. Samsung does it for free with all their devices, on their developer site (or at least they used to, some time ago.)

I didnt know that Samsung rents devices… That is very interesting.
Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: