CPM, CPC Network

Is there any decent Network which uses cpc or cpm model? (other than FAN and AdMob)
I tried many CPI Networks but in my Apps they aren’t very effective. (AppNext being better than StartApp, AdBuddiz and MobileCore in my case, but still quite bad overall)

Revmob is CPM but their ads look awful and revenue is not good either.

Hi tacchan23,

This is Clara from AdBuddiz and I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t satisfied with your experience with our network.

Would you be interested in discussing this in further detail (via email : [email protected] or PM)? I can take a look at your account with us and we can come up with a solution on how to better monetise your apps.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

It’s not a problem about optimization… I only have Interstitial Ad on App Launch after a loading screen. All the CPI Networks give me a very low ecpm compared with AdMob and FAN.
Also I know ecpm fluctuates so maybe AdBuddiz ecpm may be better than AppNext now (as compared to the time I tried it where the opposite was true for me). But still the differences between the 4 CPI networks I tried are really small in my case…
I guess that for some kind of Apps or Games, the CPI model can be good but it’s really not the case for my Apps.

Hi tacchan23,

If you are only displaying 1 interstitial at the launch of the app, you are probably not gettting the best result with CPI networks.

CPI campaigns rely on conversion, and ads at app launch don’t always convert well - users want to access your app and will just close the ad. Of course there are exceptions, it really depends on the type of app you have. Without more information it’s hard to give accurate advice.

Just to let you know as well, our SDK also includes CPM campaigns. Our algorithms will calculate when to display a CPM campaign instead of CPI.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you change your mind about trying AdBuddiz again :wink: