CPI marketing

Who is using CPI (Cost per Install) advertising to promote his app in Google Play? I’m one of the developers of AppBrain and interested in people’s experiences.
We run one of the biggest CPI networks on Android, and are interested in what developers are looking for in a marketing solution. Any feedback is welcome.

Note that AppBrain also just recently launched an affiliate system, see AppBrain blog: Refer others to AppBrain and make money for more details.

Most important thing to us is being able to have a blocklist of unfitting ad campaigns that doesn’t generate any installs. We for example always block out low quality ads + slots, casino, bingo etc because they don’t fit to our audience. It usually doubles or even tripples our ECPM. Frameworks without this feature never created enough money for us, even if they promised to have automated targeting.

appbrain CPI is good in terms of use because it doesn’t require the integration of their sdk for promotion.Many other CPI networks including FB need the target app to have their sdk in order to report installs

I agree this is one of the best features of appbrain. Other than that, I wish the price per install was lower. I ran some campaigns years ago on Appbrain, and you could grt installs decently fast at $0.25 - $0.35. Not so anymore, if you want many installs per day, you’ll have to bid at least $1.00. The other developer features at the appbrain site are nice too. I like the apptimizer feature.

CPI for Appbrain has changed A LOT in the past few months.

One year ago I managed to buy around 1000 installs per day at a 0.2-0.25 price from top countries. However, my latest campaign (about a month ago) was not generating more than 5-10 installs per day at a 0.25 price.