CPI campaign for paid app - is that possible?

Wondering if you can buy a CPI campaign for paid apps?

Guess this is not possible, because everyone would run e.g. a CPI $0.20 campaign for a $0,99 cost app.

You can create a campaign for a paid app in Admob ;). But i am not sure whether it will pay off… I was not able to drive any traffic to one of my paid app using admob campaign…

Aren’t admob campaings CPC ?

Sorry, you are right. admob is only CPC.

Yes you can with Facebook app ads

What are the conditions for this?

Do you have to use the facebook SDK?

facebook sdk is not required if you dont want to track installs. but ofcourse you need to do that to see if its worth advertising for you, so yes, facebook sdk will have to be integrated and an app created through facebook.