CPC vs CPI model

Honestly, I don’t know why developers continue using networks that pay your for installs.

Here is how I look at it:

  1. Developer “XYZ” makes a game with crappy description, icon, graphics or what not, pays $1 for installs to advertise the app, no one installs it cause it sucks.

  2. Developer “ABC” advertises developer “XYZ”, gives him 10k impressions, 500 clicks which results in 0 installs. Wastes his time and gets $0. Then developer “ABC” goes on this forum and complains about shitty eCPM.

The way to fix the problem is to stop depending on other developer’s conversion rates, and use a CPC network, thats why admob continues to make majority of cash for developers.

This is true. I was having decent clicks on my apps with CPI networks, but 0.*% CR, and at the end very less eCPM and revenue. But now with admob I am getting normal revenue and eCPM.

I even had very high CTR with CPI networks, but very less revenue. With admob I have 0.24% CTR with banners, 1.84% with interstitial and 0.10 / 0.95 euro eCPM respectively. And actually, I am happy with it.

Actually it also depends on the developers app. IMHO CPI networks are good for apps with high session duration (you put the ad between levels or exit and the user tries something different).

I agree… I have tried a few options that pay for CPI myself and they suck… I gave them tens of thousands of clicks and got couple of cents on few days… The account managers constantly blamed my users for the low revenues. Said the advertisers don’t pay if users uninstall the app immediately upon downloading… Well, if the apps being advertised are shitty, I cant blame my users for uninstalling them.

I have been told the whole industry is moving towards CPI, which I refuse to buy because I still see admob pays per click and I can see good amount of ads other than for apps from admob.