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My application - the game with banner. When user click banner it hiding for few days. So I have low count of impressions and high CTR. Audience - Russia (70%), India (12%), South America (7%) and other.

Early I use AdMob. But I was banned on Google Play and AdMob stop showing ad in my applications because my applications is absent on Google Play. And now I need new ad network.

I would prefer few CPC only networks with mediation. But I cannot find it. Could you please advise great CPC networks and mediation service for it?

Hey Bartwell,

Just to let you know that Airpush pays based on impressions on our in app display ads from our 360 banners and smart wall. By paying on impression you are able to earn revenue from each user. The associated CPM for your ads will be based on the country of your users, and their clicks and engagement on the ads. This is in addition to the pay per download for our Bundle 1 SDK.

You can review our demo site here: Airpush Publisher Demo

We also just released a Mopub plugin for our SDK you can use mediation from there.

PM me if you want to chat more. I can get your account enabled for the mediation plugin.


Nick how hard it airpush to integrate into eclipse templates? I am new to programming and have been trying to find another ad network to replace admob.

Hey Cashman22.

The integration process is quiet simple, with our detailed and easy to follow guide. My team is always available to help with any questions or issues.
This is our Bundle 1 SDK for Google Play - manage.airpush.com/docs/index.php?title=Bundle_SDK_1.0_Documentation
Please PM me the email address used for your Airpush account.


NOTIFY has CPC offers. We typically will give you a mix of monetization models to ensure the highest possible CPM. Have you tried signing up for an account with us yet?

NOTIFY drives more revenue for app developers. We have ad units for google play and even more aggressive ad units for alternative app-stores that developers request. See here: https://www.notifymob.com

To AirpushNick and Notify: thanks for offers.

To all: what is the networks from the list below is CPC?

Amazon Mobile Ads
Facebook Audience Network

Hey @BArtWell

We invite you to try Adiquity.com. We have excellent ad inventory for India, Latin America and have networks on mediation for Russia. Most of our campaigns are on CPC.

PM me to discuss further.