CPC AD network for android (not admob)

Hi I would like to know the list of CPC ad networks except admob.
Currently I am using airpush and their cpm is lower than .05 $. .yeah 5 cent
Most of my traffics are from Myanmar, Thailand and USA.



have you tried working with CPM-based ad networks? AdMob delivers quite good results. But while monetizing your traffic with AdMob you have always keep an eye on your ad activities, and request payments from different ad networks.

If you are looking for the alternative to AdMob or Airpush, I’d suggest you give a try to [b]Epom Apps[/b] because of a few reasons:

  1. We pay fix CPM rates (no matter how many clicks you drive).
  2. We guarantee up to 30% daily revenue growth within the first weeks of monetization.
  3. You’ll get your payment at a full amount without waiting for multiple payments from every connected demand partner.

In this article we compared Epom Apps vs. AdMob. There you will find more useful information for taking the final decision.

Please feel free to PM me with any app monetization questions :slight_smile: Good luck!