Couldn't upgrade to new AdMob


I have an old AdMob account and I would like to upgrade to new AdMob.

I followed the Google instructions to upgrade to new AdMob with no success. The instruction link is here:

Every time I log in to my account using the link:, it redirects me to my old AdMob dashboard.

Does anyone have the same problem? Are new AdMob available for everyone?


What browser are you using? New admob doesn’t work in Firefox.

Wow - that’s odd. Which browsers it works in (besides Chrome ?).

just found out that in India and most other Asian countries,only payment method is via Check !
Admob just went back to 80s…
So I am going to stick with old admob as long as I can…

Thank you for your reply. I have tried with different browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE (on both Mac and Windows).

  1. Go to:
    It shows a login page. I log in with my old AdMob user.

  2. It redirects to AdMob ? monetize and promote your mobile apps with ads ? Google Ads
    There is a “Sign In” hyperlink on the top-right corner which the login link is

  3. Click on the Sign In hyperlink, it asks me password for the username I have logged in the step 1. Enter my password.

  4. The result page is AdMob - Login. It’s the old AdMob

I experienced the very same issue and couldn´t solve it till today…

New admob works in limited countries compared to the old one, but as long as they pay out that should be fine…

Thanks for your information. I actually need the new AdMob because I’m trying to test AdMob on my Windows Phone 8 app. They stopped supporting WP7 and started supporting WP8.

We have many problems with Google now.

I guess admob has stopped supporting wp7 at an sdk level rather than just old/new admob. Also are there any wp7 devices ? Im not much into wp so i might be wrong