Content Rating Violation possible problem with MobileCore?

Hi there i have been a long time reader in this forum but never registered before, i just registered to report the following:

I just received an email from google stating the following:

This is a notification that the minimum content level of your application, …, has been changed to Medium Maturity (3) by the Google Play Team after a regular review.

REASON FOR CONTENT LEVEL CHANGE: Violation of the Google Play content rating policy.

These guidelines apply to your app’s Play listing, the landing page of your listed developer website and all content in your app, including user generated content, in-app products, and advertisements.

After a regular review, we have determined that your app includes references to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. The content rating of your app has been changed to reflect this content.

Please be advised that additional content rating modifications by the Google Play Team may result in administrative action, up to and including removal of subsequent applications in violation.

All violations are tracked. Serious or repeated violations of any nature will result in the termination of your developer account, and investigation and possible termination of related Google accounts.

We appreciate your contributions towards ensuring an accurate content rating experience for Google Play users.

The Google Play Team

I have several apps that are using just MobileCore and only got this warning with one of them, it can be several factors but i am 100% sure that i don´t have any references to tobaco drugs and alcohol on my apps on this app. So did anyone got this warning while using MobileCore???

Also i thought that google didn´t consider a violation if it was the first content rating change by them.

Yeah its probably mobileCore. Many networks run mature ads. You can talk to your AM to get them filtered out, or just change your maturity settings to medium.

That’s what I’ve done and haven’t had any drawbacks from it.

Of course, if your app/game is aimed towards younger generations you definitely need to get those ads filtered out.

What was your content rating?