Considering to integrate AdMob - How much revenue do you think the app will generate

I have a app on Google Play, according to my analytics statistics the app creates 2 Millions screens a month, so lets say it could generate 2 Million AdMob impressions.

My user traffic mostly (~50%) comes from Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Thailand, United States, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Spain - Spread evenly.

So far the app was ad free, I’m not sure it’s worth to anger my user base by adding advertisements, so the big question is, how much revenue will be generated?

Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated :slight_smile:

Let’s assume a rather low eCPM of $0.5. To calculate your revenue, you use this formula:
revenue = #impressions / 1000 * eCPM
This would be in your case: 2000000/1000*$0,5 = 1000$.

Keep in mind that eCPM fluctuates depending on your app and audience. But it’s rare to get less than $0,3 as you can see here:
You should also think about adding interstitial ads!

Hello @simion, maybe you should try something different than ads to keep your users happy and not annoy them. Have a look at Pollfish which delivers surveys though mobile apps. Users get rewards for answering surveys instead of engaging with an ad that takes them out of the app and also takes space within the app compromising user experience.