Competitors of AppAnnie?

Hey guys,

Do you know any competitors of AppAnnie? Somebody who provides tracking all apps through multiple stores and countries, and shows top charts positions and (important!) their history?

I only found AppFigures, but they are not really good.

What services do you use for yourself?

i know apptopia rolled one out not too long ago. its $150/month but i am not sure how good it is

If you log into the developer side of Top Android Apps and Games on Google Play | and add your apps, they have pretty good ranking tracking.

Thank you.

Appbrain doesn’t work, I want to track not only my apps, but all of them.
I remember somebody on this forum gave links to another system that I really liked, but I can’t find these links anymore.

Any other links?


There used to be on called Distimo, but app annie acquired them. Not sure if they are any different now.

Thank you XdebugX

Hey ProfessorDD,

That is a good question, one that you really only hear from larger publishers with the budgets for that sort of data. I worked for a direct competitor of App Annie, name of which I will not provide, but it was not Distimo. Here is what I can tell you…accurate estimates for downloads/revenue can only be done by a company that has access to a LARGE swath of real time, raw data from top ranked apps all the way down to unranked apps. We’re talking…a lot of apps. However, the most important data required comes from top ranked apps in every single category and sub-category of iOS and Google Play…as most people are using the data to try and forecast ad budget/buys to get them to these ranks in order to sustain organic growth…and then figure out how many installs they’ll need to buy to sustain that rank.

As a result of this…there are truthfully only a few companies out there that have access to such data that would allow their data scientists to come up with accurate algorithms. App Annie has probably about 1 million solid apps using their analytic’s (after the Distimo acquisition), and Flurry has…well we all know how many apps they have…but they don’t sell estimates, and probably never will. Of course there are a handful of other analytic’s providers out there with access to a good amount of data, but they’ll never enter the space because you cannot compete with App Annie. Here’s the thing, App Annie is like 90%+ accurate in their predictions for top ranked apps. This is not because their anayltics tool is so great that all the top apps want to use it…it’s because they’ve leveraged deals with these top publishers to get access to their game/app data in exchange for free, or discounted competitor data packages. So, long story short…if you want to buy data, it’s pointless to buy it from anyone else other than App Annie…because if you’re going to buy it, you want it accurate…very accurate…because when it comes to forecasting your ad buy, accuracy matters. Now it sounds like I am working for App Annie right now…but I assure you I do not work there. I’m telling you this because we competed hard against them, and quite frankly could not compete…because our data paled in comparison. Truth is, until recently, App Annie’s prices were so extreme, that they priced out most of the mid-market publishers…because publishers had enough data on their own apps for their analysts to make relatively accurate predictions…enough to get them to where they need be without the App Annie data package. That seems to now have changed and they’ve dropped some of their prices, and are now offering some kind of $60/app/month deal that actually sounds pretty decent (I haven’t exactly checked it out myself in depth, but it seems fair.)

Long story short…do not believe any company that says that they’re able to provide accurate estimates for DL/Rev unless you can verify the amount of apps/internal app data from MANY (THOUSANDS) of top ranked apps…because they’re lying. If you want to bite the bullet and buy data, App Annie is the only option right now. That said, if you want some advice on app data and forecasting, check out some of my posts on the ada site:

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I’m also always happy to respond to people with questions about this sort of stuff, even though it’s not my job anymore. I now work for quite an amazing supply-side platform called Appodeal- we are designed and built by veteran game publishers for publishers. We partner with all ad networks/RTB exchanges/DSPs to provide access to every single ad request in real time…something that cannot be done by working with just one or two companies on your own with your own custom waterfall. Very high eCPM, maxed fill-rates, and free for publishers. As our CEO is a fairly large publisher, and we’ve built the company on top of his own portfolio…we truly are made for publishers. Our goal is maximizing ROI for the publisher, not the advertiser…and provide round the clock customer support :slight_smile:

As I had said though, if anyone wants help or has questions on competitor data/forecasting ad buys, I’m always happy to help. Just drop me a line!


Thank you Geo_mojito, very interesting reading. Can you share the name of the company you worked for before? If you don’t want to do it in public, please send me a PM.
Is it still in business or is it obliterated by AppAnnie competition?

AppAnnie is an “expensive deal” and, probably, if some big players in the field want big data for mobiles, even publicly available, they may be willing to acquire/merge with a company like that (not AppAnnie). You can’t get this data directly from Google / Apple, especially if you look for historical data.

,mppp .

Hey all - I came across this post and figured I’d reply since the question and responses are still relevant today. I’m also familiar with Apptopia and wanted to clarify their offering and prices based on an earlier response. Their plans start at $79/month and include similar data to App Annie (downloads, revenue estimates) plus a bunch of pre-built reports. To get usage data and SDK recognition you can upgrade to a higher tier, which is still far less than App Annie. They have 50+ countries available for iOS and Android and show rank history for all of these, as well as category breakdowns. Hopefully this is helpful!

Anyone using Apptweak? What about this tool? would anyone reccomend it?

Why not just using appannie?

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