combine 2 eclipse projects -how?

hello all

i have project A loaded in eclipse (main app)
I have Project B loaded in Eclipse (Image gallery app)

Both are Independent android projects

Now what i want:
When clicking on a menu item in Project A (main app ),the Project B (image gallery)Shud start .

Finaly I want only one apk file…
I know copying classes and resources carefully wud do it…but i am interested in the method itself if it can be done…

have any one had success in this??
on searching online a few suggested maven plugin for eclipse…any1 used it??


Project>properties>Java build Path

on The Projects Tab, add the project B in there.

Then on project A you have to import the class you will be using, don’t forget the package…

you can set this up in manifest for your other activities and services and then move over your class files from one project to the other. I do this all the time for live wallpapers I can do multiple live wallpapers into a single apk file. Also all classes have to have same package name as well.

in the project tab i added the project B
can u please tell in a more detailed way what to do next as in importing the class i am using

if this is a class in your project B:

package packageB;

public class ClassinB {

public static void methodinB(){


in Project A you can import:

import packageB.ClassinB;

and call:


please note that the name of the project is irrelevant once you add it in the build path…