Combat Athlete Looking for Fitness loving Developer

Hi everyone,

I am a 23 year old engineering student and MMA fighter living in Chicago. I’m looking for a developer also into gym training/lifting/sport/fitness interested to work in partnership for a revolutionary fitness app I’m developing.

If YOU or some YOU KNOW match this description, please get in touch with me at [email protected]

More info below.

About the App

WorldSweat is an app which allows people to communicate and meet to preform any workout activity. Allowing them to train anywhere at anytime without excuses - thus helping them stay motivated and on track with all fitness goals.

The Opportunity

I am looking for a developer who is also passionate about fitness/weight training to be a key part in the development of the WorldSweat App. Must have the time and commitment to partner with me in taking the product from development to release and release to takeover of the fitness niche.

If this is you, I would like to hear more about what motivates and inspires you; what sports/fitness are you into, how do you work, what other projects you’ve worked on, what are your future goals and ambitions.

About me

My name Ramiro, I am a mixed martial arts fighter and fitness fanatic. Fighting is something close to my heart as well as anything that makes me sweat. When struggling to find training partners when training for a fight nearly a year ago inspiration struck. After that moment the idea spread like a virus taking over my mind. I read multiple books on life cycles and began doing research on anything and everything related.

I came across a 20 year It risk management expert and teacher at Depaul University in Chicago. He helped me take my idea from thought to being ready for production, now its time to find the right person to bring it to the world.

During my training in the last 5 years of boxing, kickboxing, jujitsu, wrestling, lifting and cross fit I acquired a job at one of Chicago’s top nightclubs as a security manager. Thanks to those connections I have acquired a great network including multiple trainers, gym owners, business owners and many other influential people.

What I bring to the table

-Close to 10 years of fitness related experience
-Large Network of gym owners/business owners and many other influential people in the city.
-Basic Wire frame detailing actions and flow of the app
-Strategy to generate users
-Different ideas on generating revenue while generating traffic simultaneously
-Countless hours of research on Industry statistics/back end/competition etc.
-Months of design sketches and notes
-Large group of athletes and fitness junkies to run tests
-Drive and Definition of purpose

Ive put a lot of time and thought into this. If you feel you meet the requirements contact me via Email

[email protected]

did you get any answer? I’d like to do this.
I had one idea for gyms :slight_smile: