Cocoman (by Microlink Studio)


Microlink Studio
Genres: Games Social Networking Action Arcade

Cocoman is a free arcade game tell story of a naughty and crazy caveman, the story took place in one day in the primitive society, the volcano just woke up! so hungry of his belly, he ran out to collect food for the next tough days.

Craving for the coco dinner? Hurriedly activity on your finger, simple operation, convenient dodge at a touch, much more challenging tasks and breathtaking scenes, challenge your facebook friends and make them jealous with your medals!

How to Play:

  • Tap to begin
  • Run to the tree to pick up coconut, then run back to cave to get a score.
  • Tap to change run direction to avoid fireballs.
  • Get much score as you can to earn Cocoman medals.

The game features:
-You need to pay attention to the fireballs will kill you! Let see how quick reflex you are.
-Connect to Facebook to challenge your friends in a leader board
-Simply touch to share your friend the medal you’ve earned and make them crazy!
-Easily Invite your Facebook friends to get more fun!
-More seasons are coming with new challengers!

Coming in the same town with Flappy bird’s father, I’m working with my passion to bring you free arcade games with nice design like other famous arcade games: Geometry Dash, Sonic Dash or Temple run…

YouTube: video

Minimum Android Version: 2.3

Download Size: 24MB

Price: Free

Store Link:

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Hi friends,
I am working in an update:

  • Fix bugs
  • Update some new art

Some thing new:

New update is released.

  • Update all social buttons’ UI graphics.
  • Reorganise UI so it is more easily playing with one hand.
  • Fix facebook scores display problem when you have too many friends playing together.
  • More stable facebook score update.
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Banner ads no longer disturb gameplay.