Clear page in Google Play Store, its possible?


Anybody tried to completly delete the google account? To create a new?


Noobody tried?
Or just in the eu possible delete all data from you?
After delete, cant use that gmail address which is deleted.

don’t think you can do this, cause they use the suspended apps, as a counter. 3 and you’re suspended for good. ( well, you have to do all the things necessary to hide :slight_smile: )

No im thinking on full delete, with all youtube google+,addressbook, gmail data.


Anybody tried it? I was started to create a new account, and put everything into it, but my adsense account i dont know how to transfer into that.

No dear, I didn’t delete my Google Play account because if I can do this so my all data will be remove including my contacts as well.

Your contacts simple can backup into another google account,
but i and i think many others do the error to use same google account for everything. The google use this thing to keep the ban permanent.