Choosing The Best Mobile Ad Network?

Mobile Ad mediation is a technology which is used for sending advertising requests to a number of ad networks, ensuring that mobile publishers are able to fill their ad slots by finding the best available network. Ad mediation helps publishers in managing, optimizing and increasing profitability of their inventory.

Depending on their specific eCPM, geography and other parameters, a single SDK is used by publishers to set priorities for serving ad networks demand. Ad mediation solution also helps publishers to have an upper hand and are in a position to force advertisers to compete over their inventory, whereby significantly increase their profit.

The key trends comprises of real time bidding which allows publishers to choose an ad network offering the highest bid. Some follow new formats adoption method, like native and video ads. By publishing native ads, publishers can get an un-intrusive way of showing ads inside their apps and at the same time increasing its efficiency. Video ads have higher potential to generate profit in comparison to regular still image banners.

The newer mediation type, “Weighted Mediation”, weighs co-efficients to prioritize ad networks whereby allowing publishers to significantly increase their profit. Another form of ad mediation is programmatic ad mediation. Under this type of mediation, publishers can considerably reduce the time they spend on actual demand mediation and grow their income even more.

There are so many mobile ad networks available in the market, choosing the right network for your app is a very challenging and important task. Although it may be alluring to find an undisputed answer to the question “Which is the best mobile ad network?” we need to understand that there is no such thing as the best mobile ad network. The reason is that each ad networks works differently with apps, depending on their structure, traffic and target audience.

Few of the networks offer a number of additional services like app analytics and control panels. Since all platforms offer some things better than others, comparing their deals, strengths and weaknesses will be an ideal method to determine which aspects are more important and suitable to your specific needs.

To search the best network which suits your app and its needs, will be the key to achieving a profitable monetization strategy, ensuring a stable and steady revenue. Therefore, instead of questioning “What is the best mobile ad network?” You need to question “Will my app work well with the ads offered by this specific ad network?”

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