Chinese markets

Anyone try your luck with Chinese Android markets? What are some bigger ones? Please advise :slight_smile:

I uploaded a bunch of apps on the big markets in China.

It wasn’t worth it for me, but your mileage may vary.

Which ones did you try?

I don’t remember, they were the biggest ones though.

OK, thanks. Can anyone recommend any translation services?

@Rox, what’s your app? Is this a LWP?
My experience is limited to games only. If you want to be big in China, or at least get some money from this market, the only way is to find a good local partner there. Otherwise you’ll be simply lost. I’ve worked with Tencent and The9, they are massive companies but they can take care of your game. Hope it helps.

Yea, I’m mainly into wallpapers. I imagine no one would bother with a wallpaper?

No idea to be honest.

I’ve found this presentation about Yodo1, a company that helps Western devs with launching their titles in China. Hope it helps.

I’m really reluctant to post on Chinese marketplace for two reasons: 1. Possibility of Pirating my info and app 2. Advertisers for that region. I haven’t seen too many advertiser (app companies) pay big bucks to target china. I could be wrong, but to me it is just hype. Last I checked my stats i was getting less than $.001 eCPM for China… to me time is money I would rather focus on N.America, Europe, AU…

just my thoughts…

Sweet! Thanks man :smiley:
What about Chinese advertisers? I wonder what kind of rates they give, if any lol.

Nice topic! I read this interesting article about China market in another thread which as a Chinese personally think is very informative and helpful.
China Is Finally Becoming A Lucrative Market For App Makers
Definitely China market is booming with huge potential… Localizing like finding a good local partner is a good approach though…

Something else to note is although the Chinese market is HUGE, for some reason there isn’t a lot of competition for advertisers. This means CPCs are super low across a lot of ad networks.

Here’s a post i did recently on Android markets in China. I’d appreciate some feedback! What You Need to Know about the Chinese Android Market - Apptopia Inc.

Nice blog post. What was most interesting to me was that Chinese spend money on iap. So were thinking about thid the wrong way, we need to learn how to monetize in China with iap, not ads.

Thanks for sharing this nice article, quite informative. Also, I would love to share two articles about China market which I as a Chinese personally think are very helpful to know more details about this market.
How China’s exploding market for apps is exactly like Hollywood
How to successfully get your app into China

More great information, thanks. But I see some conflicting information between your articles and the one Apptopia posted, such as his states mmo’s are the most popular games in China while your posts state action games are.

Well, I don’t think these two conflict with each other, as many popular games just mixed these two factors but most are from PC games. And such games are much more popular among young Chinese male gamers who are more likely to get addicted and spend lots of money in the game.

At present most of mobile games are still casual simple SLG games which perform not so well as PC games from making money perspect, it may due to the limit of the bad 3g connection, small screen or the fragments time of cellphone. But still things are improving at fast speed.

@Rox have a look at and they are Chinese based. Now as far as marketplace here is what I have been compiling for the last year:
wandoujia dot com
appchina dot com
anzhi dot com
hnduoa dot com
bbs.gfan dot com
android.pandaapp dot com dot com
www.miui dot com
??Android??? ??Android??? ???Android???

There’s a great post from Appflood detailing the revenue structures in China. They also have an ad network that might be worth taking a look at Breaking down Chinese app store and channel revenue share deals