Chinese Market for Android Apps

This is my first post and it is rather a question.

Lately I have noticed more and more users from China on the app I currently manage. (the app is featured only on Google Play)
I can see them only through Google Analytics, as no record of them what so ever appears on the Google Play developer console.
I also took a look at AppAnnie and they don’t appear there either, in the daily ranks.
From Google Analytics I can definately see where they come from - such as:

The App was not promoted in China, and I wonder what all this means. :confused:
Have any of you had this experience?

Thank you! :smiley:

A pirate probably uploaded it to some chinese app store.

Thank you for the reply.

As far as I understood, if that is the case, there is not much that anyone can do, right? :confused:
I tried translating the name of the app in Chinese and I searched to see if I can find it somewhere, but no results.

Do you have any advice?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Baidu is a chinese search engine and their appsearch feature is being used to find your app. Just go in chrome and search for your keywords in baidu and translate the search results page. You should be able to see the source from where those users are coming. you can then contact the app store admin to either remove or modify the app listing as per your requirement.


Thank you for the advice and for clearing out some things.

I have tried searching the name of the app, even translated the keywords and searched and I haven’t found the app… there were similar apps, in this idea, but none like this. :frowning:
I will probably just keep looking and when i will find something I will contact the app store admin, as you have mentioned.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey Maria,
Sometimes the stores themselves scan GP for good apps and app them to the store, so you have a successful app. congrats!

There is a process you can do with the store called claiming, which means you claim back your app, and it will published on your behalf and not by whoever published it.
Fro that you need to get in touch with the store, and prove them that this is your app.

Hope it helps!