China app stores?

Since GG is not available on China, does anyone know which markets provide good number of installs in China?

I found this.


Doesn’t have an English translation though.

The ones that come to mind immediately as having a big share of the market are Qihoo 360, Baidu, and Wandoujia.

Here’s a list with a few more:

10 App Stores in China You Really Ought to Be On

no doubt: baidu

i had tried to upload some apps but its might difficult, because of the language.

first you have to find a place to sign in/register, then you have to fill the login details , then you get a confirmation mail, then you upload the app, everything is chinese, i need someone from there to do that for me :eek:

better hire someone from odesk to do the job for you at $5

What about ad networks? Which one have ads for China non-Google-Play users?

I have registered to their developer dashboard but can’t find how to sumit an application :confused:

AppFlood does. Here’s a recent article in Pocket Gamer interviewing the PapayaMobile (company behind AppFlood) CEO about how they help western companies get into China.

PapayaMobile: We’re solving China’s fragmented user acquisition problem | interview | PapayaMobile news |

The program she is talking about is detailed here:

Get mobile traffic in China

Might be easier to work with a Chinese publisher. China’s android market seems too complicated to crack by ourselves.

From what I heard, most of them don’t link up their credit cards but favor paying through SMSes, or pre-paid systems. Breakdown of revenue (premium app or IAP) is usually 30% to Telco (handling charges), 40% to Channel/ App Store, about 6% goes to taxes and the leftover is split between publisher and developer.

IAA revenue works on a different model depending on publisher I think.

Seems like a lot of effort for what seems like ~10% of the revenue… but I’m hoping the volume of downloads can make up for the total revenue. It worked that way on the iOS version of our game “Swarm of the Dead” at least.

airpush serves ads to china

yes, google is not available on china, but you can publish your app in Chinese market with our help. If you want to know more, please contact me: [email protected]

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I have visited your site and it says USD 437/per year.

can you suggest something simplified


you need a Chinese phone number for almost all Chinese stores to be able to publish, this is the problem, for translation there is no problem, just use google chrome and automatic translation

360, wandoujia