Check out my Tennis Manager Game

But user retention is to low in most countries.
Can any retention pro give me some tips.
I already included a good tutorial.

I’ve had a look and I might know whats happening: your login options are unusual and may be scaring people. The two you offer are:


I know I personally never use either of those because I worry that apps will post things to my facebook page/spam me with emails.

Have you considered (a) just letting people have a named account, seperate from anything (just a username and password) or (b) using the google account to log people in

The problem you will have without an email or facebook id, if users change their device or reinstall the app,
they are not able to login if they have no password remember function etc…

But Login ratio is not my problem. 90 % of the downloads leads to an install, so this ratio is good.
The main problem is, that after the first playing session only around 33 % come back and after a week,
only around 10 % keep playing.

So maybe take a look if everything is clear during the tutorial and the first gaming session.

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I think your app doing good and take more reviews from those countries in which you do not have enough downloads.

Ok, I’ve had a play and I think your issue is that its very complicated immediately but the benefit of that complexity isn’t clear.

There are lots of things, equipment, staff, Training camp but its all actually pay, get better. That’s not really fun. I would suggest making it (at least for new players) simpler, introducing new mechanics gradually and give the user interesting choices they understand.

In many cases there is an opportunity to make choices between options. For example tactics. But within Tactics its not clear what any of it means “Risk for 1. Serve”. Do I want it high or low, what do 1,2,3,4 & 5 mean? The same with risk on the return. Are their optimum values which everyone should choose? Ideally there shouldn’t be values that are optimum for all setups

There also seem to be two in game currencies “Dollars” and “Platoes”. It isn’t clear (a) how much I have of either or (b) what the difference is

Being able to play
I still haven’t played an actual game. As a real user: if I haven’t played one by the time I close the app for the first time then I will never be back. Is it possible to have bots available to play people if no humans are available for “friendly matches”.

In many cases the tutorial also says “look at this, don’t click anything”. Ideally the tutorial should be more flexible than that. Ideally the player will be playing during the tutorial.

On opening the app I see the chat which is most of the page (It’s currently “hahah”, “please translate” and “srbija”) and tiny buttons. It all looks a bit messy and not like a game. My first thought was “this looks like a linux utility not a game”. Make the buttons bigger, don’t open the app to chat.

I’ve obviously been quite negative here but I’ve been trying to identify potential issues, football manager style games are popular (although not my cup of tea) so there’s clearly a market for this game (not to mention your decent number of downloads). So in conclusion I would suggest:
-Start simple, get complicated (maybe play a bot very early on after just a couple of choices)
-Make sure users only ever make choices if they understand that choice (and it needs to be more interesting that a rock paper scissors mechanic)
-Make the app cleaner
-Make sure the player plays a game before exiting, even if they have to play a bot

I’m not looking for review exchanges but an honest opinion of my app would be very much appreciated. My app is much simpler than yours but I’ve still had useful suggestions from people. My forum post is here:[free]-inner-circle-avoid-obstacles-rushing-center-rotating-world.html

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