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[From Description]

[i]“SuperHero Jetpack Robot friends…UNITE!”, goes the call for our superheros. Are you ready to fire up your jetpack and join them in defeating the evil robot sentries? The fate of robots all over the universe is in your hands!

As one of the robot super heroes, be prepared to jetpack your way through endless robot smashing fun in the newest game by AME Apps.

With skill and quick coordination you guide your robot super hero through insane obstacles as you gather loot and power-ups.

Unlock new super heroes each with their own unique skills and power advantages to help you defeat the robot enemies.

You can switch between superheroes to fit your strategy best as you clash against harder and harder obstacles and robot enemies. Make sure to stock up on power-ups!

● Compete worldwide for high score, robots smashed, and more
● Earn coins on every gameplay to unlock powerful superheroes, new levels, and power-ups
● Superheroes come with unique abilities and super powers to better navigate through the levels
● Levels increase in difficulty while providing better rewards
● Continue game, enabling you to save your progress and high score
● Achievements allow you to gain XP that apply to your Google Play profile
● Block Ads with purchasable in game Ad Blocker feature
● Boost your gaming experience with Coin purchase option

Artwork by: semigod[/i]

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Here is my review JumblyApps

Hi Jumbly,

Thanks for your review and video of our app. Maybe the first level should be a bit less busy as you suggested and become harder as you progress. Do you think it would be helpful to add some tutorial or in game instructions also?

New version 1.0.2 is uploaded:


-Minor bug fixes
-Added new achievements for Heart collection
-Removed flying drone enemy from starter level to decrease difficulty