Making Money with Android

Cheapest Non-incentivized CPI Promotion Options

Anyway suggestions? Is it Facebook or Appbrain?

Yes, it’s a mini sports game and I have no preference on countries of origin of users. :slight_smile:

I think facebook is cheaper if you can optimize ads to your audience

Thanks, wt’s the market rate (in terms of CPI) of facebook advertising at present? [suppose I target audience from 1. US/Canada/Australia/UK, or 2. Turkey/India/Mexico]

Thanks again!

What is the lowest CPI you can get in Facebook for example for India?

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Facebook has been the cheapest for us, until of course we tried instagram shoutouts (link in bio)

I tried the instagram shoutouts and the results were absolutely disappointing: paid $200 for 18 clicks (probably 2-3 installs).

I am sorry that shoutcart did not work for you, perhaps you should’ve chosen better accounts to do shoutouts with for your puzzle game. More importantly, I wish you would have spent low amounts to test first, before going all in with your large budget of $200.

We have clients achieving 10k downloads per day on $1k spend for their iOS apps and games. We also had a few somewhat successful campaigns for android games at $0.5-$1 CPI.

Instagram audience is young women, and I don’t think young women are interested in your puzzle games.