Cheap Ratings for Android Apps - I have Got Free Ratings Site

Hello Guys:

I need to improve ratings for my mobile app. I went through some website to buy ratings.

I came across that provides free 5 ratings. These are the cheapest ones I have got so far.

Can any one let me know even cheaper ? Please comment bellow.


hey … am not sure about the integrity of such services, however you can try out reviews exchange section of this forum to get your app reviewed, simply by reviewing another ones… there are a lot of people present there and thus you can find some solid and genuine kind of likes

I agree with marketingfreak in terms of what quality to expect. The reviews exchange here also sounds like a great way to go - I was thinking you can likely network on your own and match the # ratings other services are promising without paying the fee.

you may get on

you guys should try this service

Or you can get them for free on ReviewsMotion :slight_smile:

ReviewsMotion | Get free reviews for your apps