chartboost statistics

anyone can share his/her eCPM from chartboost for non-game apps?

Want to check in one, mc offers only ~1$ eCPM, so would like to try some others. For this particular app can’t use admob

Guten Morgen Javanshir!

Have you tried Supersonic? eCPM is currently $3 for interstitial ads. Our lightweight SDK also provides offer walls and rewarded video with video ad mediation (the next big thing). Message me if you’d like to get a sign up promotion!

hi Javanshir,
What kind of ad formats you’re using?Maybe you can try Mobvista

Morning :slight_smile:
yeah, I heard some good words about supersonic, I will give it a try. Thanks
@Wanie_Green, I tried mobvista before, wasn’t so happy.

is everything alright with your network right now?
I am having problems in integration, interstitial are never ready to show. Ad availability is always “false”, so nothing is ever loaded.

I even installed your demo app, rewarded video, offerwall work just fine, but when I load interstitial there I see infinite load screen.

P.S: in documentation you also have:

protected void onResume(){
if(ssaPub != null){

but I think that should be

if(ssaPub == null)

but that is still fine, if it loads at least for the first time. You can check your demo app as well.

Our network is fine, perhaps something went wrong during the integration. I sent you a private message with instructions. Thanks for letting me know!

I wrote to support some time ago, waiting for a reply. Just a question, your rewarded videos are CPC/CPI or CPM?

Rewarded Videos are CPV (Cost Per View).

$1 eCPM is pretty low but these days it seems to be the norm. Maybe try a network with better engaging ads. Also go with the big networks smaller networks tend to give trouble when you want your money.