Chartboost - Not receiving any revenue

Hi all. I just started using Chartboost for the first time for my first ever created game by my own. I had an awesome support from ChartBoost with technical stuff (like implementing their Interstitial Ads to my Unity3D game). Everything is ok but… I published my game 3 days ago and I have 14 downloads / 9 current installs (I see this info on Google Play Developer Console). Meanwhile, in my Chartboost Dashboard I only see 0.35$, which was made the first day, although, I see that my app has delivered 10 installs in total (I see this information in the Apps section, but in my main dashboard, I only see 1 install delivered) and has about 50 impressions. My eCPM dropped to 0$, and in my Performance section I see that my CTR and IR delivered is 0%. Traffic is OK, 56 impressions and 31 bootups.
Finally, my question is: should I concern about this information, because I really confused right now (came from AdMob). In the Apps section I see 10 installs, but in my main dashboard I only see 1 install. I made about 56 impressions, but all in all what I get is 0.35$. Thank you for your time reading this. Appreciate any comments and help.

they suck for android, but they are awesome for amazon, for amazon apps I am getting like $18 eCPM rates with them on their ads for Amazon apps and only like 20 cent ecpm for android which is horrible.

Hi - I think our dashboard may be throwing you off. The 10 total installs reported in the Apps section are your total installs from any source. The 1 install on the main dashboard is coming from an interstitial via Chartboost. The 56 impressions resulted in one install.

This install, plus the 9 you see on Google Play are summed to get the total of 10 in the Apps section.

I hope this clears things up!

Is this guy’s Chartboost numbers for real, would obviously be interested in trying them out if so, anyone have any experience and what net are they 30, 60?
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