Chartboost My Acccount Suspend !!! To Share

I share my personally real examples here.
Cannot but believe network forum everyone written.
Many Chartboost have also been suspended, although no violations have been made.

I use applovin chartboost vungle, everyone recommended advertising network.

I have no malicious clicks or brush ads.Only displayed several times during test integration, but without any clicks.despite this.

When I reached $150 for Chartboost, I suddenly received a suspension notice.
Notice I have other fraud accounts. accounts suspension.

I can’t believe I only have one account…

I sent a letter of appeal and elaborated on the description. After several months, I never get responded.

Say on the Internet .Is Chartboost a scam or Chartboost Suspended Accounts or Do not use chartboost !

All the Internet friends actually happened, and now it’s time for me to happen. I was cheated to go for $150 but the amount is small, but I’m really disappointed with Chartboost.

Applovin Vungle I used it for a year and two months and never had a problem.Still in use.

The reason I sent the article, I hope everyone will not be deceived.

Many netizens are very good at taking out their own examples to share.
Everyone use own eyes to see self have witnessed do judgment!
Same as an APP developer.